Perfetto: means Perfect in italian What Can Perfetto Deliver? Perfetto Menu will consist of new items that will be fresh and coocked in front of the customer to ensure his/her satisfaction. Our Menu will be as follows: Spiral Potato : Until today none in Qatar serves this type of potato, families and kids will like this type of food as a meal of entertainment. Crepes : Crepes are very famous and delicious meal served around the world, only few places in Qatar can deliver it with the required standard. We will serve crepes with additional topping, fruits and syrups. American style Hotdogs : Unlike the other restaurants, we will serve the hotdog in the American style with different sauce flavors and French fries same like New York restaurants and Kiosks. Hotdog With Spiral Potato : In Boroo, Hotdog and Spiral Potato will be cooked together on one stick and served in an attractive way with different sauces. Fresh pomegranate bottles: We will offer the customers fresh and cold loose pomegranate in bottles so that they can eat and enjoy this lovely natural fruit.

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